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R H Bear & Associates

R H Bear & Associates (RHB) is an on demand strategic consulting company, specializing in building successful start up companies and helping organizations grow more effectively.  We can help new start ups build a successful organization or an established company achieve their strategic objectives.  Our areas of specialization are operations, customer loyalty, business planning and professional services.


We are hands on, get it done, do what it takes kind of people.  We believe in high quality projects that can easily get deployed and used.  Like you, we are frustrated with consultants that only deliver presentations and leave the real work to someone else.  We believe a start up companies’ DNA gets embedded early in their evolution, so it is very important to get things right the first time and build operations and processes correctly.


In today’s fast paced and financially tight markets most start up companies and growing organizations can not hire all the right people with all the right experience in all the industries, this is where RHB can help.  We work when you need us, for only as much time as you need and of course, only if the fit is right.  At RHB we will not take on any assignment that is not a good fit for our background, experience and ability to deliver.


Our overriding philosophy is 100% customer satisfaction 

and we have the track record to prove it.