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R H Bear & Associates (RHB) is an on demand strategic consulting company, specializing in building successful start up companies and helping organizations grow more effectively.  We can help new start ups build a successful organization or an established company achieve their strategic objectives.  Our areas of specialization are operations, customer loyalty, business planning and professional services.


We are hands on, get it done, do what it takes kind of people.  We believe in high quality projects that can easily get deployed and used.  Like you, we are frustrated with consultants that only deliver presentations and leave the real work to someone else.  We believe a start up companies’ DNA gets embedded early in their evolution, so it is very important to get things right the first time and build operations and processes correctly.


In today’s fast paced and financially tight markets most start up companies and growing organizations can not hire all the right people with all the right experience in all the industries, this is where RHB can help.  We work when you need us, for only as much time as you need and of course, only if the fit is right.  At RHB we will not take on any assignment that is not a good fit for our background, experience and ability to deliver.


Our overriding philosophy is 100% customer satisfaction 

and we have the track record to prove it.

About Us

R H Bear & Associates, founded by Bob Bear, a high energy professional with over twenty years of successful management, consulting and manufacturing experience across a variety of industries.


  • Strengths include creative problem solving, adaptability, team motivation,      leadership and a professional commitment to excellence within the requirements     of time and resource
  • Well versed in SaaS, system integration, enterprise software, scientific pricing,      quality assurance, hosting and various manufacturing technologies
  • Skilled in project management, contract negotiations, building and plant      construction, office design, financial management, event planning and facility      relocation
  • Six start ups with two sold for over $950 million
  • Public company Executive with a P&L of $70M and organization of 375 people
  • Over 100 Successful software application implementations as both executive and      project manger
  • Specializing in customer satisfaction and success with a 100 percent referencable      program

How we work

Unlike traditional consulting firms that require a big up front investment or fully billable weeks so they can make their utilization targets, we only put in the hours that are needed, as many or as few as required.  Our on demand consulting services are designed to quickly and economically meet your strategic needs.  All our projects are done with an analysis of the effect on the bottom line, so there are measurable results. 





  • Define financial and operational plans for various inflection points in a      companies growth cycle
  • Workforce planning - master hiring plans tied to business plan with an analysis       of inputs and outputs
  • Software and systems implementations
  • Create operational reporting, metrics, KPIs and compensation plans

Customer Services / Customer Success

  • Establish and grow technical and customer support organizations
  • Define service level agreements (SLA), metrics, systems of record and key       integrations
  • Create tiered support offerings to scale to 24x7 as needed
  • 100 % customer referencability programs 

Professional Services

  • Build implementation methodology
  • Develop templates for contracts statements of work, proposals and teaming       agreements
  • Design and implement sales strategy and tools
  • Create and brand market driven package services 

Real Estate Development & Property Management

  • Site selection
  • Purchase and lease negotiations  
  • Build out planning 
  • Constuction project management 

Other Services

  • VC Portfolio due diligence
  • Execute custom defined project management assignments
  • Training, education, knowledge management programs
  • Establish data centers
  • Turn-around and re-start programs
  • Green tech and clean tech start ups
  • Manufacturing plant design and setup for product concept manufacturing
  • Alliances and Partnerships
  • Interim executive assignments


Stewart Bartlett, President, Pirtek Sky Harbor


“Bob helped us take a hard look at our delivery capacity and sales model and suggested changes that saved us money and streamlined our operations.”

Tom Martineau VP Operations, Revionics


“We needed to take our methodology in a whole new direction.  Bob came in and developed new competitive package services, for today’s SaaS market.  He used our existing tools and templates as a starting point and quickly developed what we needed to deploy to the field.”

Jonathan Knight Founder and CEO JRG Software


“When I was founding JRG Software I knew we needed a good advisory Board and Bob was our first member.  His start up experience was invaluable helping to get the DNA right from the beginning for our fast growing Supply Chain software firm.”

Jeff Loomans Partner at Sierra Ventures


“Bob joined Infotone Communications as our interim VP of Professional Services and ran the group while developing the needed infrastructure for the PSO.  With his background and experience, he was able to quickly become a trusted member of the management team.”


Manufacturing Processes & Technologies

  • Precision stamping and machining
  • Electroplating, injection molding
  • Clean room technologies
  • Assembly line techniques
  • New product introductions
  • Build to order, build to stock, Just in Time
  • Quality assurance

Software Applications & Technologies

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Supply Chain
  • Professional Services Automation (PSA)
  • Scientific Pricing & Optimization
  • Integration software and appliances
  • Advanced planning and scheduling
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Real Estate

  • Site selection & negotiations 
  • Navigating Government regulations & permits 
  • Design & layout 
  • Constuction project management 

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