Stewart Bartlett, President, Pirtek Sky Harbor


“Bob helped us take a hard look at our delivery capacity and sales model and suggested changes that saved us money and streamlined our operations.”

Tom Martineau VP Operations, Revionics


“We needed to take our methodology in a whole new direction.  Bob came in and developed new competitive package services, for today’s SaaS market.  He used our existing tools and templates as a starting point and quickly developed what we needed to deploy to the field.”

Jonathan Knight Founder and CEO JRG Software


“When I was founding JRG Software I knew we needed a good advisory Board and Bob was our first member.  His start up experience was invaluable helping to get the DNA right from the beginning for our fast growing Supply Chain software firm.”

Jeff Loomans Partner at Sierra Ventures


“Bob joined Infotone Communications as our interim VP of Professional Services and ran the group while developing the needed infrastructure for the PSO.  With his background and experience, he was able to quickly become a trusted member of the management team.”